Specifications of controller TMM 25063-3 FOR CARS X2-SERIES with comments

Please see possible specifications of controller with comments.


1x controller TMM 25063-3 FOR CARS X2-SERIES

USBCOM5 - device for controller connection with PC (39.95 EUR) ...necessary for programming the controller via PC

CC_11 - connecting cable between controller and USBCOM5 (4.95 EUR) ...necessary for programming the controller via PC

Motor temperature measuring (7.95 EUR) ...temperature sensor for attachment to the motor

ON/OFF switch (1.95 EUR)

WR version (full protection against water) (39.95 EUR) ...or cheaper WP version with thinner protection layer on PCB

design with active FAN cooling (1 × FAN) (19.95 EUR)

power conductors 10.0 mm2 (14.95 EUR) ...recommended cross-section of cables

design with 6 power conductors to motor (recommended for Lehner motors series30) (8.95 EUR)

set of external capacitors (44.95 EUR) ...very recommended when using longer battery cables, higher voltage, racing purposes (high load)

MP JET 1.8mm (recommended for integrated AntiSpark) (2.95 EUR)

MP JET 6.0mm (1x) (4.95 EUR) ...recommended gold plated bullet connectors for battery wires and motor wires

please solder these connectors to controller (7.95 EUR)

total price 678.40 EUR


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