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Nabídka komponent pro Losi 5ive v USD (23.1.2017)

I will offer you two possible controllers for electric conversion of Losi 5ive and then also other common components. 1) Please see the first quite powerful controller TMM 25063-3 X2-series for your car 1x controller TMM 25063-3 FOR CARS X2-SERIES USBCOM5 - device for controller connection with PC (39.95 USD) CC_11 - connecting cable between controller and USBCOM5 (5.95 USD) motor temperature measuring (8.95 USD) ON/OFF switch (1.95 USD) WP version (increased protection against wate...

How to connect the Lehner motor with 6 outputs

In the pictures "Motor_connection" and "ESC_Mounting_bracket" you can see the right connection of controller’s motor wires. Each phase(2wires) from the controller has to be connected to the motor plugs next to each other in a circle. It doesn’t matter where you begin. It is also described in the picture in the manual "Lehner_man_30_series_en_11_2013" (bottom, left picture).

How to connect 4 batteries to controller with 2 input cables

Please see the sketch, which shows how to connect 4 batteries using bullet connectors. You will get double voltage and double capacity than using only one battery pack.

Gear mesh - motor pinion and shaft

The easiest would be to use chassis inserts suitable for your pinion. We don’t use inserts to adjust the mesh of gearing. So when placing the pinion on the shaft, there still has to be some backlash(clearance) between pinion and spur gears. So not absolutely tight contact. The gears has to be in touch with each other with as much teeth surface as possible. The pinion should be spinning smoothly without cogging or too loud sound. After the gearing is meshed properly, you should also glue the p...

ESC mounting bracket - aluminium L-profile with screws

Mounting bracket for controllers TMM 25063-3 and TMM 40063-3 X2-series.